Topcoats are used when enhanced dirt pick-up resistance is required, especially in cities where the atmosphere is highly polluted by industry and exhaust fumes.

There is also a topcoat which is specifically designed for use on Terol mineral based renders to ensure an enhanced long life finish.


  Terracoat Stain
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A ready-mixed, elastomeric pigmented coating, especially designed as a topcoat for cementitious acrylic textured coatings, such as Terol Mineral Based Coatings.

It can also be used to overcoat pigmented and non-pigmented Terracoat Textured Coatings.
0.2 – 0.3 kg/m² in 2 coats depending on the surface being over coated. It is recommended to determine consumption rate on site prior to commencement.

TDS - Terracoat Stain

MSDS - Terracoat Stain

Packaging Features & Benefits Application  
20 kg plastic pail

Excellent dirt pick-up resistance, UV resistance and fade resistance.

A low profile coating with minimum film build, allowing original granular appearance to be maximised.

For use in areas where atmospheric pollution is a problem.

Available in an attractive range of colours.

Brush or roller  


Kode 10
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A hydrophobic clear topcoat designed for organic-mineral renders such as Terracoat and Terralite finishes. Kode 10 is based on a novel flouro-acrylic polymer which ensures excellent dirt pick-up resistance without any of the side effects of conventional hydrophobic treatments. This prevents the ingress of waterborne contaminates which cause discolouration. 0.15-0.20 kg/m² depending on texture and surface conditions (2 coats). The application of 2 coats, applied cross-hatch, are recommended to ensure that the entire surface is coated.  

TDS - Kode 10

MSDS - Kode 10

Features & Benefits Application  
20 kg plastic pail

Excellent dirt pick-up resistance.


Excellent resistance to weathering.

Excellent hydrophobic effect reducing staining.

Brush, roller or spray  

For more technical information please read Technical Data Sheets available on this page or contact the Terraco representative closest to you.