Decorative Finishes

Ultimately, what matters most to the architect and their client is the final appearance of a building being wrapped in Terraco EIFS. To fulfil customer expectations, the Terraco EIFS System is finally decorated with a high build finish to provide not just "the look", but also to provide optimum impact resistance, being 1.5mm to 3.0mm in actual coating thickness.

Being a long life protective coating, these decorative coatings extend the life span of the Terraco EIFS System. They offer superior resistance to algae and fungal growth with the incorporation of specific anti-fungal agents, improved vapour permeability, and are more durable, remaining pristine for longer than conventional paint systems.

Terraco offers 3 options with which to finish and decorate Terraco EIFS - acrylic textures, stone coatings and a mineral based version.

The ready-mixed acrylic products incorporate the latest technology in acrylic, silicone and elastomeric resins and are designed to outlast conventional paint systems and to protect substrates under a variety of harsh conditions – searing desert heat, hot and humid tropical climates, and arctic winters. These premium quality textured coatings are tough and durable, UV resistant, offer outstanding flexibility and enable the substrate to breathe.

Terraco’s popular decorative coatings used as the decorative finish for Terraco EIFS include:

Terracoat™ Textured Coatings

An extensive range of premium quality, ready mixed acrylic textured coatings which are available in three grades, namely acrylic based, silicon based or elastomeric based – Terracoat, Terracoat Sil and Terracoat Flex.

Terralite™ Stone Simulation Coatings

A comprehensive range of natural aggregate coatings in a clear binder, as well as cast in situ stone finishes and multi-colour coatings – Terralite Fine, Terralite Stone, Terralite Granite, Terralite Dash and Terralite Artstone.

Terol™ Mineral Based Renders

A range of polymer enhanced mineral coatings, some of which can also be applied at low temperatures without having to worry about wash-outs and night-time sub-zero temperatures – Terol Ultra, Terol Decor, Terol Decor, Terol Granule, and Terol Sahara, Terol Granite.

Formulated to last – these products are the specifiers’ preferred choice - offering long life and value. These products are backed by Terraco’s International Quality Guarantee.