Sealant Joints

Sealants generally function in the wall as a waterproofing component between dissimilar materials and at other expansion joints in the wall. Sealants require maintenance and need replacing because of aging or because of design or installation deficiencies. In these instances it requires the replacment of the sealant in the joints with new sealant.

Repair Guide

  1. Using a suitable sharp utility knife, cut the sealant along the edge of the EIFS being careful not to damage the EIFS surface.
  2. Gently pull the sealant and backing rod out of the expansion joint and carefully cut it free from the EIFS surface.
  3. Remove any sealant residue using a wire brush or grinder, but be careful not to damage the EIFS surface.
  4. Inspect the surface to ensure that it is clean and sound with the reinforcing mesh still embedded into the base coat.
  5. Any EIFS reinforcing mesh not properly embedded must be skimmed with Terraco Styrobond to achieve complete coverage.
  6. Apply Terraco P Primer along the EIFS edge which is to receive the sealant.
  7. Install backer rod and sealant as per sealant manufacturer’s instructions.
  1. Ensure all required tools, products and safety equipment are readily available before starting repairs.
  2. Ensure that the EIFS System to be repaired is completely dry throughout before starting repair work.
  3. As part of the ageing process due to extended exposure, dirt pick up and ambient conditions the original colour may alter slightly over time. Terraco recommends the top coating of the repaired area and the adjacent surfaces / facade(s) with an appropriate shade of Terracoat Stain in order to ensure colour homogeneity.