Mechanical Fasteners

Terraco provides a range of mechanical fasteners, sometimes referred to as dowels or anchors in the industry. There are numerous types of dowels, of varying lengths, for use on different types of substrates.

These mechanical fasteners are determined when the architectural specification is put together as the substrate type and the required U-Value as determined by the architect, determines the insulation board thickness and intern the length and type of dowel required.

 Fastener with Steel Expansion Pin  Fastener with Plastic Expansion Pin Fastener for use with MW insulation board


Dowel lengths are based on insulation material depth



Terraco recommends using at least 6 Terraco EIFS fasteners per square meter for EPS / XPS insulation and at least 9 Terraco EIFS fasteners per square meter for Mineral Wool depending on building height in order to have a sufficient negative wind-load resistance. The higher the building the larger the quantity of dowels installed. The type of nail used, plastic or steel nail, also determines the number of dowels to be installed.

In case of renovation work and non-visible anchoring, eg. rendered walls, tests should be carried out on site to determine the working loads.

Please contact your Terraco EIFS representative for advice on project specific requirements.

Fastening application should be performed once the Terraco Styrofix Adhesive is fully cured. Fastener heads should be flush with insulation board surface and patched with Styrobond DP Basecoat prior to Terraco Terramesh (EIFS reinforcing mesh) and Styrobond DP Basecoat application.