Textured Finish Touch Up

EIFS finishes are easily overcoated to refresh the look for cosmetic reasons of an aged EIFS coating or to change the colour. It sometimes happens the there may also be undesirable texture inconsistencies in the EIFS finish which result from a numerous variety of circumstances – weather conditions, scaffold lines, the use of different tools, the floating technique, etc. – and these can also be touched up while refreshing the look of the building.

Terraco produces top coat products engineered specifically for the purpose of overcoating an existing Terracoat textured finish. Terracoat Stain is used in order to ensure colour homogeneity, but this does not disguise unwanted texture variances.

To get rid of unsightly texture variations it is usually best to skim coat the existing surface to create a smooth surface, and to reapply the EIFS decorative wall finish to where a natural break occurs.


Repair Guide Inspect the area to be overcoated coated in detail and ascertain the scope and extent of the work. Ensure the necessary tools, equipments, products, safety equipment are readily available. Take care to protect / cover surrounding areas if necessary.


Change of Colour

Prepare EIFS surface by removing all loose friable matter, dirt, dust and other pollutants.

  • Perform any needed repairs.
  • Apply two coats of Terracoat Stain by spray, roller or brush.


Undesirable Texture

  • Prepare EIFS surface by removing all loose friable matter, dirt, dust and other pollutants which would interfere with the adhesion of a skim coat.
  • Perform any needed repairs.
  • Apply a coat of Terraco Handycoat Exterior skim coat over the entire wall surface to where a natural break occurs. This application will level off the area to provide a smooth surface for the application of a new decorative coating. Terraco does not recommend the use of cementitious skimming materials be used over the acrylic textured EIFS finish.
  • Inspect the surface to ensure smooth finish and that substrate imperfections are not visible. Rectify as necessary.
  • Apply the new Terraco EIFS decorative finish coat - ensure to match the colour and texture with existing finish as applicable.



  • Ensure all required tools, products and safety equipment are readily available before starting repairs.
  • Ensure that the EIFS System to be repaired is completely dry throughout before starting repair work.
  • As part of the ageing process due to extended exposure, dirt pick up and ambient conditions the original colour may alter slightly over time. Terraco recommends the top coating of the repaired area and the adjacent surfaces / facade(s) with an appropriate shade of Terracoat Stain in order to ensure colour homogeneity.