Glass Fibre Mesh

Terraco Terramesh, an EIFS grade glass fibre mesh, is used as a reinforcing mesh to enable the EIFS to withstand up to 10 joules of impact.

 Terramesh - Glass Fiber Mesh E Glass  Technical Properties
 Weave  Leno
 Mesh Spacing  3.5 x 4.0mm
 Standard Width  1000mm ±10mm
 Standard Length  50m
 Finished Product Weight  161 g/m² ±10 DIN 53854
 Tensile Strength  ≥ 2000 N/5cm DIN EN ISO 13934-1
 Elongation  ≤ 3.9 DIN EN ISO 13934-1
 Tear Resistance  High
 Alkali Resistance  High



The Terramesh is embedded into fresh Styrobond DP basecoat applied at a thickness of 1.5-2.0mm, overlapping 10cm at all edges, and allowed to set. Once cured, and the rest of the System Components (window trims etc.) have been installed, a final coat of Styrobond DP is applied to achieve an overall thickness of 3-4mm, before the decorative finishing can commence.

It is also recommended to:

  • Use Terramesh to reinforce corners of all openings such as doors, windows, recessed features by applying a second layer of mesh diagonally.
  • Apply a second coat of Terramesh / Styrobond DP basecoat to high traffic areas to increase the impact resistance of the system.