EIFS Installation

It is important that the Terraco Exterior Insulation Finishing System is correctly installed. The installation of Terraco EIFS therefore needs to be done by an Approved Terraco EIFS Applicator to ensure the validity of the Terraco International EIFS Guarantee.


All installers of Terraco EIFS are certified after they have been through a Terraco EIFS training course held at one of the Terraco Training Centres. For more information on these courses please contact the Terraco Representative closest to you.

The installation process is fundamental to achieving the best possible results from Terraco EIFS, and failure to follow these requirements could lead to problems with the system or ultimately failure of the system itself.


Terraco EIFS Application Video

Before beginning the installation

Asses the suitability of the substrate. If there are any discrepancies with the initial inspection of the substrate, do not proceed with the application until all unsatisfactory conditions are corrected.

System Detail Review - Ensure that the follow are correctly designed and reviewed prior to commencing installation:

  1. Window and door reveals
  2. Parapet capping
  3. Bottom of walls - grade or pavement
  4. Penetrations - gutter down-pipes, fixtures, outlets, signage etc.
  5. Aesthetic features
  6. Expansion joints
  7. Abutments to dissimilar materials
  8. Roof / wall intersection
  9. Flashing locations
  10. Window sills / over-sills
  11. Roofing

 Installation Process

While the installation process shown here relates to a Terarco EIFS Alpha system using EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) insulation boards, the following steps are essentially very similar when using G-EPS, XPS or MW insulation boards. The steps shown here are to information and guideline purposes only.